The Mourner's Bill of Rights
by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
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Rhoda Blecker





Rhoda Blecker, writer for Daily Guideposts gives this insight to her life. “This was a year with a Keith-shaped hole in my life.” Rhoda lives in Bellingham, Washington. “I’ve kept busy. I teach at a community college do spiritual di-rection, edit books, give sermons, do research, and keep my home in good shape. I see friend fairly often, and I take care of my pets Anjin, and L.E. But, through it all, there’s a melancholy that comes and goes, and I’m taken by surprise by certain pieces of music and things people say. What keeps me going is the conviction that God wants me here for a reason, even if I don’t know what it is, and that, at last, my husband and I will be together again.”

Rhoda addresses her grief in losing her husband in the 2017 Guideposts

daily guideposts

“Overcoming Loss Series” Her writings can be found on pages 4-5, 49-51,
100-101, 164-165, 207-208, 257-258, 285-286, 332-333, 376-377, 424-425.
Ann Rasmussen leader of our grief support group highly recommends reading
these pages, please click on the link below to discover this great resource for
daily devotion and grief support.