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Church council minutes: January 28, 2020

Meeting called to order: Meeting called to order by Yvonne Robbers at 7:00 p.m.

Attendees: Present;Yvonne Robbers, Diane Opperman, Jeff Anderson, Christie Gonwa, Alan Kjelland, Steve Johnson, Fred Kuenzi, Debby Kinison, John Kunzman, David Leder

Absent; Greg Hansen, Seth Roland, Kimberly Rowland, Bonnie Pegel, Don Morgan, Lisa Zube

Also, present; Kerry Lee Blanke, interim Office Administrator, Alicia Dorsett, Administrator, Cathy Cowling, Consultant

Formation/Learning Session with Cathy Cowling

Cathy Cowling made a presentation to the church council, for the benefit of the new members, on much of the work that has been done to this point. We broke into small groups of 3 and discussed “why Trinity Lutheran Church is important to us. When we formed as a large group again Cathy talked about What Council “Is.” She broke it down into Three groups. Vision, Guidance and Support.

Cathy also discussed how the budget is a spiritual Document.

Kerry Lee Blanke went over the treasurer’s report document and how it is put together. No action was taken on the treasurer’s report.

Business/Discussion Items:

No business was discussed at this meeting.

A review of the council binders was presented by Yvonne Robbers.

Meeting Adjourned: A motion to adjourn was made by Fred Kuenzi and seconded by Alan Kjelland.

Lord’s Prayer

Next meeting: February 25, 2020 7 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

David Leder Secretary

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