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Church council minutes: May 26, 2020

Meeting called to order: Meeting called to order by Yvonne Robbers at 7:00 p.m.

; Yvonne Robbers, Diane Opperman, Jeff Anderson, Alan Kjelland, Steve Johnson, Fred Kuenzi, Debby Kinison, David Leder, Don Morgan, Greg Hansen, Lisa Zube, Bonnie Pegel, Christie Gonwa, Kimberly Rowland

Absent; Seth Roland, John Kunzman

Also, present, Alicia Dorsett, Administrator, Cathy Cowling, Consultant Pastor Andy opened with a prayer.

Consent Agenda:

A motion to approve the consent agenda and the April minutes was made by Alan Kjelland and seconded by Steve Johnson. It was approved by voice vote.

Discussion agenda: Motion made by Alan Kjelland and seconded by Jeff Anderson to approve; Voice vote approved.

Financial report: A motion to approve the financial report was made by Steve Johnson and seconded by Kimberly Rowland. It was approved by voice vote.

Church opening: A discussion about when to open the church was made. It was decided that the church office door will open on June 1st. there will be no access to the office or anywhere else in the building. Prepackaged communion cups will be available along with a few other items and the place to drop off the offerings will also be available.

We also discussed when to eventually open the church for in person worship. A motion to send the review back to the Health Committee with instructions to review the current status of covid 19 in the community and along with the guidelines from the CDC and the ELCA come up with a recommendation for when and how to start in person worship. Those recommendations will be presented to the whole church council on June 23, 2020. At that time the church council will make a decision based on their information. This motion was made by Jeff Anderson and seconded by Steve Johnson. It was approved by voice vote.

In recognition of all of the hard work Todd Mallasch and crew has done to provide the excellent video for our facebook church services a motion was made to Give him $500.00 as a thank you was made by Alan Kjelland and seconded by Steve Johnson. It was approved on a voice vote.

Meeting Adjourned: A motion to adjourn was made at 8:32 PM by Debby Kinison and seconded by Bonnie Pegel.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer

Next meeting: June 26, 2020 7 p.m. (TLC?)

Respectfully submitted:

David Leder Secretary

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