• Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson

    Steve has served on Council for 4 terms and has been President 4 times. Steve was baptized and confirmed at Trinity. He would like to see the Council focus more on Trinity’s ministry vision and long-Range planning.

  • Christie Gonwa
    Christie Gonwa

    Christie feels fortunate to have been a Trinity member for 50 years with a lifelong Christian upbringing. Her background is working primarily in finance in not-for-profit health care and care management. She is presently retired. Christie is happily married to Bill and they have one son, Matthew, who lives in DePere. She is grateful to be involved in promoting the ministries of Trinity.

  • David Leder
    David Leder

    Dave has been involved at Trinity Lutheran in the following capacities: Worship Assistant, Visitation, Communion, Stewardship/Missions Committee, Stewardship for All Seasons, Council Committee, and Bible Study leader. As we move in new and exciting directions here at Trinity, Dave hopes to be a part of shaping that direction with the congregation, looking at the vision and focus we are taking will be an exciting time.

  • Greg Hansen
    Greg Hansen

    Greg is in his first full year serving on Church Council, having filled in for a vacant spot made available earlier in 2019. He has been serving on the Stewardship for all season's team and now serves as the Chairman for the Stewardship Committee. Greg hopes to continue the development of the congregations understanding of how their resources can reflect that of Jesus' teachings.

  • Al Kjelland
    Alan Kjelland

    Alan is in his second year of serving on the Council, it being the second time he has served in the 10 years he has been a member of TLC. Alan enjoys serving on the Council because it gives him insight into the many things that occur during worship and non-worship events. Alan also serves to provide input into the committees he is on.

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    Jeff Anderson

    Jeff and his family have been members of Trinity Lutheran Church since the fall of 2010 when they first moved to Waupaca. He is currently serving his first term on Council. He has enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the Trinity community and serve as an usher and an elder. Congregational Council provides him with the opportunity to give back to the church community that has supported himself and his family over the past decade. He looks forward to working on behalf of the congregation to guide the mission of Trinity Lutheran Church.

  • Diane Opperman
    Diane Opperman

    Diane is a lifelong Lutheran and has been a member at Trinity for about ten years. Previously, she was Sunday School teacher and a chaperone for several junior and senior high trips and youth gatherings. Diane has also served on the East Central Synod Executive Council. She havs always loved the “big tent “ of the ELCA. Diane is now retired, but was a Special Education teacher for 38 years. She has two daughters and sons-in-law. They each have three children. Her mantra is always, “God is in charge.”

  • Don Morgan
    Don Morgan

    Don is in his fourth year on the Church Council as well as his fourth year as Chairman of the Property & Grounds Committee. Don and his wife, Bev, have been members of TLC 25 years. His short-term goal is to see the church back opened for in-person worship as soon as possible. Don and Bev miss seeing and visiting with their Christian support group and pray for the church to open up soon in order for Christians to gather together.

  • Deb Kinison
    Deb Kinison

    This is Deb’s third time serving on council. As a member of Trinity, she feels she has a responsibility to serve where and when she can to help in decision making for the betterment of our members and to call-equip-send members where needed in our church community and Waupaca community.

  • Bonnie Pegel
    Bonnie Pegel

    I have been a member of Trinity with my family since 1976. I have 3 married daughters with 7 grandchildren. My grandparents and my father were charter members of Trinity. This is my 2nd year and my second time on council, serving on the governance task force and former Membership Membership and Evangelism committee. I am active in Trinity's music ministry and women's ministry. I have also served on synod council. I love the direction that Trinity is heading and happy to be assisting in this venture.

  • Kim Rowland
    Kim Rowland

    Kim is starting her second year of her second term on Church Council. She is also on the Family and Youth Team. Kim and her family have been members for 12 years. She would like to work on encouraging young families to become more involved in Trinity's ministries.

  • Seth Rowland
    Seth Rowland

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    Fred Kuenzi


  • John Kunzman
    John Kunzman

    John first happened upon Trinity on March 8, 1996 – the 5th day of the Weyauwega train derailment. Trinity was host and stagging point for Weyauwega residents to meet and begin the process of getting their pets left behind. The giving, sharing, and hospitality of Trinity’s personnel and staff really struck a chord with John, an EMT from Iola, and united him as a member 16 years later in 2012. In his spare time, John likes to read, cook, journal and fish. His main pastime is caretaking and stewardship of the “Tree Farm Family” acreage. His favorite bible verses are Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 91:11.

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