Trinity Lutheran Church

Let's Put It In Writing!

We have already received some generous donations for our new electronic sign! The picture is an update of how much we still have left to go!

Why do we need a new sign?

  1. To get the message of Jesus out to our community.
  2. To inform the community about upcoming events.
  3. To keep up with our ever-changing world in this new era of technology—it has become more important than ever!

The size will be similar to that of Dairy Queen's sign, but we will have a beautiful frame around it!

How can you donate? Each number represents a dollar amount as follows:

No. 1 - $5,000
No. 2—9 - $1,000
No. 10—20 - $500
No. 21—65 - $250

YOU GET TO PICK THE NUMBER YOU WANT! The boxes will be cleared as donations are made until the whole sign is revealed! For those who do not want to pick a number, or those who wish to contribute a different amount, the bottom of the sign (the purple part) will slowly be raised up as we receive contributions.

You can make a donation online by going to and donating to “special projects” — indicate in the space provided "sign" and which number you are selecting. You can also send a check by mailing or dropping it off at church. Please indicate in the memo line that it is for the sign and if you'd like to select a number. Questions, please call the church at 715-258-7688.