BeFriender Ministry

Everyone is on a journey and can benefit from someone who will listen with compassion and without judgment.

Trinity Lutheran Church BeFrienders are trained to provide confidential care through a listening presence to anyone experiencing:

  • grief
  • loss
  • transition
  • joy
  • life changes

BeFriender Ministry principles guide the ministry and compassionate care a BeFriender brings to others. Honoring these four principles supports and strengthens the befriending relationship:

  • God’s presence
  • caring not curing
  • nonjudgmental presence
  • active listening

Some questions you may have about BeFriender Ministry:

How often will a BeFriender visit?
The frequency is determined by the person visited and the BeFriender. A visit typically takes place every week or two and lasts about an hour.

If my family member has a BeFriender, does that mean that I am not meeting their needs?
Not at all. A BeFriender cannot take the place of family or friends in someone’s life. For many, though, a BeFriender is a supportive visitor beyond family and friends.

What if I do not want to talk about my situation all the time?
That is OK! What you discuss or choose to share with a BeFriender is always your choice. The BeFriender is there to listen, respond, and try to support you at this time in your life without giving advice or making judgments.

Are BeFrienders trained?

  • Trinity BeFriender Leaders have more than 30 hours of initial training in the BeFriender Ministry program.
  • Trinity BeFriender Leaders train BeFrienders—focusing on listening through God’s presence and offering caring (not curing), nonjudmental, active listening experience.
  • BeFrienders participate in ongoing ministry support and continuing education with the supervision of the BeFriender Leadership Team.
  • BeFrienders continually seek to grow in their ability to listen actively and put aside their own prejudices or desire to give advice.
  • BeFrienders honor confidentiality.

To learn more about becoming a BeFriender, p
lease contact us. If you or someone you know would benefit from the care of a BeFriender, please provide information here.