What is it? A fun way to share God’s love by doing something unexpected (and a little bit sneaky) for someone else.

How to participate …

Identify a person or family with whom you want to share the light.

Think of something you can do that will let them know someone is thinking about them and that they’re loved. Examples:

  • Bake them some goodies.
  • Rake their leaves or shovel their walk.
  • Send them a card or letter.

Get Ready. 
Print out a tag (see below) that will let the person or family know that someone from Trinity shared their light with them.

Do it! This is the fun part—sharing your light without getting caught. Like “ding-dong ditch,” but in a loving way.

Do it again! Keep thinking of ways you can share your light with others and let them know they’re loved in these dark times.